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Located within Avon are three Spunk Lakes which feature a public beach and public water accesses.  Five other lakes are nearby, each providing plentiful opportunities for fishing, swimming, boating and just plain old relaxing.

You can also visit the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website

Avon Area Lakes Association members work together to preserve and enrich Avon area lakes and their adjoining wetlands, lake sheds, and ecosystems.  Find the AALA meeting schedule on the Calendar.  Anyone interested in issues concerning our local lakes are encouraged to attend a meeting.

The odor of water is a physical indicator of water pollution and can tell us many things.  If there is:

--No odor the water probably is in good condition;

--A sewage smell may indicate the release of human waste material or livestock manure flow from an upstream feedlot.  if you smell manure or rotten eggs do not enter the water;

--A chlorine smell may indicate that a sewage plant is over chlorinating its effluent;

--A fishy smell may indicate the presence of excessive algae growth or dead fish;

--A rotten egg smell may indicate muck soils or sewage/manure pollution;

--A petroleum smell may indicate an oil spill from boats, land or storm drains.

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